Based in the courtyard Ratoath right beside the salt rooms.

About The Recovery Rooms

The Recovery Rooms Ratoath
Feel Well, Stay Well

About The Recovery Rooms

The Recovery Rooms Ratoath is Meath's newest wellness centre for recuperating and rehabilitating following any type of exercise to lower the risk of injury and perform at their best.

The Recovery Rooms Ratoath was established to be one of Ireland's top recovery rooms because we recognise the necessity for high-quality recuperation to support performance.

The Recovery Rooms Ratoath offers a variety of services for both individuals and groups, including flexible one-time visitor passes and monthly memberships.
The greatest athletes and sports teams in the world employ the methods and services we provide as part of our high-end sports recovery. People train harder and more intensely than ever these days. How you recover might affect how well your body responds to training. Our goal is to support the recuperation process in a soothing environment so that athletes may get more out of their performances, no matter what they may be. We want our clients to feel renewed both physically and mentally when they depart.

The following goals are to be achieved: flush lactic acid, improve mobility, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and circulation, and detoxify. The rooms will consist of an Ice Bath, Hot Tub, Massage Chairs, Red Light Therapy, Quartz Infrared Sauna, Full body Cryotherapy, Compression Boots, Massage Guns and Stretching / Reflexes / Foam rollers & Machines. Cryotherapy is a quick and healthy procedure that enhances general wellbeing and re-energizes the body while accelerating the body's natural recovery.

The body is submerged in a pulsating, -140°C mist while in the Cryo Sauna. Many advantages can be achieved in as little as 3 minutes in our full-body cryotherapy chamber, including: Cleanse your entire body, increased synthesis of collagen, Improve your metabolism, reduced inflammation.

Dry, non-invasive cryotherapy reduces a person's skin temperature to 5oC over the course of up to 180 seconds.

Located beside our sister business The Salt Rooms Ratoath with free parking, we look forward to seeing you!

Team & Group bookings available

Additional bookings and out of hours appointments catered for.